Sunday, February 27, 2011

Filter & Press Brew Comparison

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This morning I lined up the Aeropress, Abid Clever Dripper, Sowden Soft Brewer and a Bodum double walled French Press.

Coffee : Caffenation Afroman Filterblend. 50% Tanzania Utengule, 25% Zambia Munali, 25% Rwanda Rwabisindu on a light roast.

Ratio : 20 grams of (fine) filter grind (all the same grind). 330 grams of 92° water. (Aeropress 300 gr).

Techniques :
Aeropress : regular position (no reversed). Adding water on top all the time till I reached the 300 grams. Total brewing and pressing took 2'30"

Abid Clever Dripper : white rinsed filter from Melitta. Very simple style. Pour on 330 grams on the coffee and let it seep for 2'. Run through another minute.

Sowden Soft Brewer : Pour on 330 grams on the coffee and serve after 4'

French Press : Same technique

Results (when hot I spooned once, then started sipping and drinking)
Aeropress : 66°. First spoon was very good. The sipping and drinking later on started not very good but then it balanced. I guess the acidity needed to be tamed. Very soon the sweets took over and showed fantastic Granny Smith and passion fruit. Clean cup all the way.

Abid Clever Dripper : 66°. Coffee looks very well filtered and clean.
First spoon didn't convince, but once drinking this coffee balanced and showed nice nuttyness, bits of fruit and a very bright cup.

Sowden Soft Brewer : 64°. Spooning went well, nothing special though. This cup gives a very mild easy coffee with hints of figs and nuts.

French Press : 71° (double walled works well as you can see). Early spooning same as Sowden. Drinking disapointed. Sourish. Metallic. Unripe fruits.

The cooling down :
Aeropress : What a cup!! Tonloads of tropical fruits (mango, cactus, kumquat, banana) and very clean. Barista's cup!

Clever : Very well balanced. A bit of everything and easy to drink. Yum.

Sowden : Flavors sames to vanish while cooling down. Very mild, but also boring.

French Press : Disapointing all the way. Not clean and not nice.

Conclusions on the taste and brewing method. And coffee of course.

Aeropress : This device is easy and handling all kind of techniques, roasting profiles and temperatures.
Watch out : this cup is too complex and acidic to everyones liking. More like an advanced kind of cup. More tealike.

Clever : Easy as always. Very commercial brew. (Isabel liked this one most)

Sowden Soft Brewer : This brewer needs surely more steeping time and a pre heating of the brewer. Gives surely more body like most full immersion brewers.

French Press : I noticed before the press is not such a big fan of lighter roasts. Surprised by the result, cause I generally like this Press. Maybe need to redo the test with a coarser grind.

The coffee/blend : Depending on the technique I think we have a winner. The lighter roasts make the fruiteness come out really well but demands a finer grinding and higher ratio.

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