Friday, February 18, 2011

New Little Green Bag 1.2 out Now

Equal parts Rwanda Rwanbisindu, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Peaberry and Honduras Marcala give you a punchy complex espresso with gloopy mouthfeel and hints of Nuts, Lemon and Chocolate.
It's an espresso best pulled long - say 30 seconds extraction. This gives you a very pleasant sweet and sour based shot, ideally for all 'milk drinks'.

Price € 20 a kilo and available at the specialty shops Caffenation, Barchoq, Broer Bretel, Inspire, Crusio and (soon also at) The Village Coffee Utrecht and Kaffee-ine Mechelen.

We've been testing it a lot for filter brewing as well and notice a splendid cup of joe. Nice body, very pleasant citrus notes and complexity all through the cooling proces.

Very proud about the blending and roasting; it's most probably the best Caffenation blend ever!!

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