Monday, February 14, 2011

Rwanda Rwabisindu

Very proud to have this Rwanda coffee as a SOE or filter for a while, meanwhile blending it with Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and Honduras Marcala in our Little Green Bag 1.2

Rwabisindu is the name of the central washing station where this African coffee is processed. The washing station serves 35 farmers with 80,000 Bourbon coffee trees Emerth & Gaston Gatsinga are the owners of the washing station. They also own a hospital, where Gaston works as a doctor.

The landlocked country of Rwanda is called "Land of a Thousand Hills" (Pays des milles collines). Rwanda is one the smallest countries of Africa and supports the densest population of the continent. Mukashyaka Epiphanie is the owner of the coffee mill and is a genocide widow working to rebuild the specialty coffee industry in Rwanda and the community where she lives. All coffee is hand milled and hand sorted, which helps to create a coffee that is very sweet and complex with bright bold acidity, nutty flavors and awesome in all milk based drinks.

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