Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Kyle Glanville is USBC 2008

Kyle Glanville
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This cool guy from Intelligentsia Los Angeles is the new US Barista Champ.
As he stunned everyone with a top class performance last year and with Stephen Morrisey as a stand by trainer this year he was probably the main favourite.
And he made it happen.

I only saw a couple video's of the semi's in which he and Chris Baca looked very focused and precise, but there were so many top Barista's in Minneapolis. I'm sure all of the finalists are ready to end up with a medal at the WBC.

It's always nice to see the guys perform, but the bottom line is the taste of the coffee of course and probably it's in this department this man made the difference.

Congratulations and good luck at the World Championships in Copenhagen.

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