Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Barista Jam II

Yesterday eve we had top roasters, Barista champions, Espresso Bar Managers, SCAE Belgium reps, Caffenation staff, Antwerp coffee lovers and others at our second professional Barista Jam.
Main objective was meeting one another and drinking, cupping and talking coffee. And it worked wonderfully.

At the cupping table an impressive line of singles from all over the world :

El Salvador Matalapa (Sweet Maria's)
Nicaragua Dipilto WP Decaf (Sweet Maria's)
Yemen Mokha Matari (Hasbean)
Kenya Getumbwini (Hasbean)
Rwanda Cup of Gold COCAF Amizero (Hasbean)
Honduras La Fortuna Cup Of Excellence (Hasbean)
Ethiopia Sidamo (Vermeulen)
Papua New Guinea (Vermeulen)
Zambia AA (Vermeulen)
Kenya Mamuto (Terroir)
Colombia El Descanso Huila (Terroir)
Brazil Ingletierra (Verellen)
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Idado Valley (Verellen)
Bali Kintamina (Verellen)

Amazing isn't it?
Most praised were the Mamuto (of course - explosion of berry and chocolate), Bali (what a revelation - nice cherry, earthy taste), Rwanda (wild, strong and espresso potential), Matalapa (fine balance, nice finish) and most controversial the Yemen of course. Is this coffee or liquid rubber? :-)

Espresso :

Coffee Collective Espresso Blend
Papua New Guinea Dark Roast (Vermeulen)
Brazil Daterra Yellow Bourbon (Vermeulen)
Stumptown Mountain Dew Blend
Espresso Vivace Blend
Bagels and Beans Panama Espresso Blend (Boca)
Caffenation House Blend

Say no more.

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