Thursday, May 22, 2008

Barista News International

When i have my Google alerts doing their thing i stay perfectly informed about the newest gear, the do's and don't, the championship results and ..... the gossip.

But this week nine out of ten of articles about Barista's in the States are about society figures and moral issues it looks like.

The biggest news this week was about a Barista fattening up the Olsen twins. Scary! ;-)

Or the fact the Barista's at Chick-a-latte and Cowgirls Espresso making cappuccino's in their bikini's. How conservative can you be if you have problems with this?
Was it a good cappuccino? That's the question! :-)

The only 'serious' Barista news came from down under, .... again.
It's about Andy Freeman, who started up the Coffee Snobs website and forum. Interesting, but these advertisements on the web pages are so annoying.

So, as a conclusion i'm very happy most of the information about what's going on in the coffee world can be found on webblogs like these you find in my link list. "Better info, less bullshit".

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