Thursday, March 17, 2011

Super Market Coffee in Belgium

My number one challenge as a Specialty Coffee Company owner is to improve overall coffee quality in my city, area, country or ....

We come a long way, but ahead of us is still a galaxy to go.

Today I was wondering how the newest Albert Heijn super market would look like.
Yesterday this big Dutch distributor opened their first shop in Belgium-Brasschaat.
(Dutch speaking readers can click here for the link.)

Here in Belgium an average super market has 1 1/2 bags of whole bean coffee on the shelf.
When I shopped at the Albert Heijn of Bergen Op Zoom, which is just across the border, I saw a full meter of whole bean coffee bags!!!!! This relatively small super market had a selection of 30 (thirty!) different bags presented.

So next time one or another Belgian (old school) roaster starts telling me the Belgian coffee is way ahead of the Dutch one, I'll drag hem/here to the local super market, we pick a random bag and taste the stale coffee together.
I think Belgian super market coffee is the bottom, but every day ten thousands of people still buy their pre ground cheap shit in the local Delhaize, Carrefour or Match.
The only one making an effort on this domain is Colruyt. Here you find a larger selection of smaller or larger whole bean bags. Generally the content is not to my liking, but you have to start somewhere of course.
By the way ; it's not by accident Colruyt took over #1 position in this business.

So, anyone to go to Brasschaat soon?
(sorry for the awfull iphoto picture)

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