Monday, March 28, 2011

BAC Line Up

BAC 24th of April, from 10 O'clock at Caffenation Hopland :

With :
Jeff Verellen (vice world champion)
François Knopes (former latte art champ)
Bert Van Wassenhove (former cuptasting champ)
Christophe Fajs
Stein Peé
Simon 'Or' Boone
Thomas Labath
Vincent Stroep
Frank Platteau
Brian 'Legend' Birdy
Jens Oris
Marc 'Berringe' Vandebroek

reserve : Roeland 'Mc Doeland' Lenaerts

Judges :
Joost Leopold
Sietse Van Den Berg
Kees Kraakman

Audience :
Everybody's invited. Free entrance. Free booze.

Competition rules :
First round : best of 3 advances to the semis.
Semis : one against one knock out battle.
Finals : there can only be one winner.

Judges taste blind for best cup.

First 4 get a free new design Aeropress.
Second is having a 2 Kg Caffenation coffee present.
Champ takes 2 kg and a Sowden Brewer with him. (unfortunately no 'her' on the list)

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