Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Espresso Brew Temp Control

4 out of the box La Marzocco's in a row, brewing espresso's at 94,5 degrees. Is this Naples?

The same this morning at The Village, Utrecht.
Not their fault of course, but it's something we have to keep our eyes onto. As we do right now.

It doesn't mind if you have Lavazza in your grinder, but Caffenation roasts are lighter and blends brighter. The taste balance with this high temp is gone. Too much acidity upfront. Not enough body. And sourish, flat aftertaste.

Average temperature at Barchoq, Inspire or Caffenation is 91! Result is a punchy start, then sweetness and body and a long lingering mild aftertaste. Perfect on cappuccino. Very good for espresso.
An maybe on the side an espresso of the week that gives you the opportunity to go for a different SOE or Blend.
Count a 20 grams for a double. Anfim Super Caimano grind time of 8,5 seconds and an extraction time of approximately 28", pre infusion included. Everybody happy.

Next week we start pulling shots with scales.

BTW : The Village rules. A blog post soon.

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