Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Espresso Cupping and Brew Temp Check

We've been (blind) espresso cupping Monday with Friso and today with the Roasting team, Toon and me.

Heavy but unevitable if you want to learn more about your beans and espresso roasting profiles.

Also we wanted to see how Kees (our trainer) his profiles from the roasting last Wednesday were holding up against ours. Or the other way around of course.

Monday we were enchanted by Bert and Jeff their profiles. More taste (fruitiness, acidity, aftertaste) and less bitter.
Today at Broer Bretel we had a way more difficult task in finding our prefered roasting profiles. It was very tough cupping overall with even difficulties recognizing the origins.

I was on a hurry to my meeting with Brian 'legend' Birdy in Brussels for finding the right spot for a Caffenation bar in Brussels. Opportunities yes, but still a whole lot of work. Hopefully more news soon.
But driving my station car packed with coffee towards Crusio I realised what a big influence temperature and pressure have on your espresso.
Theoretically we know this since ages, but the results today were a remarkable.

At Broer Bretel we have the same coffee, grinder, tamper, cups, machine, you name it. The only difference is the temperature of the water and the pressure. The machine still needs to be adjusted a little bit by Jens.
After today I think it's an urgent matter, cause these 3-4 degrees extra and a little extra pressure gave us a lot of difficulties finding the right flow. All coffee came out stronger and more bitter.

Fanny was telling me last week that the Crema on our LGB espresso was rather thin.
Today it was crema up to rim, as a matter of speaking. And it didn't do the coffee any good if you ask me.

So, dear Caffenation clients, control this temp - we say between 90 and 92°c. And tame that pressure. And with these profiles; push the extraction towards 30". Your clients will love it.

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