Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hario Coffee Mills

Since a couple of days I'm experimenting with this Hario coffee mill.
They call is Sketon or Skeleton or something. My Japanese is a bit off these days.

We are doing really well with the Aeropress in the shop, but these Hario products are a perfect add on, and even more, since there's an incountable amount of Hario coffee related stuff available, it could elarge our offer seriously.

I'm not the best man to ask for experiments. I like to do it, but soon as I'm having an OK result with one product of technique I'm often too lazy too keep on digging.
This coffee mill doesn't ask for a lot of experiments though.
I reminds me at my childhood and it reminds me also at the Zassenhause, Peugeot and Bodum hand grinders I worked with the last couple of years. But this Hario mill is better yes.
It has conical ceramic-coated burrs. Contains no wood for cleaner taste. Is easy to clean. And produces more even grounds.
And unbreakable it looks like.

Now I just have to wait for my Amsterdam friends who are working on a similar product range and a hand mill with double the force for the same effort. And that could be a winner, cause grinding manually is a damn hard job if you have to make a lot of coffee's in a row.

Last weeks we've been having an increased number of demands for cheap(er) coffee grinders. So, for those who are brewing filter or press, this Hario could be the right piece of equipment.
Soon available at our shop, Hopland 46, Antwerp.
(once they're in I post it, and also the price)

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