Sunday, February 7, 2010

farm:table San Francisco

If I would live not too far away from Post street : I would drink my coffee at farm:table.

Our hotel was 2 blocks up north from this very charming and very little bar on Post street. Where Abraço is the smallest espresso bar known to men, this one comes in second. How they're able to squeeze in 3 people behind the bar on 1 and a half square meters is a mystery to mankind. :-)

But we totally liked them, and their coffee, and their break fast.

Although this in Santa Cruz located coffee roaster has more bars working with their coffee ; this was the only one we visited.

The Verve straight espresso blend shot we tasted contained a Brazil and an El Salvador. Superb fruitiness and body. The acidity felt a bit forced - I think they overdosed in volume and under dosed in water. The finish was remarkably mild, although short.

On Sunday morning we found two empty spots at the table (there's only one) for a very nice arty break fast and a Sidamo Haile, wet processed on Eva Solo. The normal Eva Solo proposition was a Sumatra, but we didn't drink a Eva Solo in a long time...
When comparing the Sidamo on the French Press afterwards, we should have known. Way better detail and freshness on press. A great coffee as a perfect start for a perfect Sunday in San Francisco California.

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