Monday, February 22, 2010

Coffee Antwerp on Google

When you type 'Coffee Antwerp' on your Google Search Engine page you'll find the first breath of my blog at number 18.
On the first links it feels like the company's who paid have the first say.
They start talking about Caffenation in reviews and the wikitravel page from Antwerp. Not too bad, mostly because they're very positive. Happy me.

When you type 'Espresso Antwerp' you see Bar Choq as the first bar on the map. And the first two articles come from my hand. That's interesting.

I had a look at 'Speciaty Coffee Antwerp' and notice 3 Caffenation linked notations in the first 5. It's getting better all the time. :-)

One way it's not so important.
At the other hand if feels good to be rewarded for some efforts and tons of coffee passion.
I've been blogging on and on for 3 years now and noticed lots of people in and out of Antwerp, in and out of Belgium, picked up some info.
At the beginning I didn't understand what I was doing. It was more a reflex. It was like an egg I had to lay.
Now it's a diary that's going on and on and on.
And still a whole lot more in the pipe line.

To finish of ; the biggest coffee company in Antwerp - and well deserved - is Efico and they don't have a hit nowhere at the first pages of Google. A shame.
Today I hope they'll have a couple extra clicks via this link. Nice site.

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