Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Four Barrel Coffee San Francisco

On Valencia 375 you find the most spectacular espresso bar from San Fran, Four Barrel Coffee. Probably even the most spectacular I've ever seen.

They got this enormous space packed with beautiful equipment, a roasting facility and of course lots of coffee drinking people.

We had already too much coffee in our body to drink one more. Besides this, the queue at Four Barrel was the longest ever.
Even with 6 people behind the bar, steering the two LM Mistral monsters, they couldn't follow.

The interior is fantastic and for pro's like us, it was breathtaking to see the roastery was build in at the end of the bar.
We can't understand the city allows them to roast in a place this. Maybe they have extra filters to clean the outgoing air. Or friendly neighbours....

We've been drinking Four Barrel before, so we're sure their drinks at the bar are great. So, for all who's heading to the West Coast ; go Four Barrel. And pump up the atmosphere, cause that was the only thing missing I think.
Someone ever thought about giving some service to the people, so this may create a bond? And some fun behind the bar? If my Barista's have to work in a so cold environment - behind the bar - they won't stay long I think.

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