Thursday, October 1, 2009

Our Bird is Cuptasting Champ!!!!

Huray! We have our title!
Bird is a 5 year Caffenation Barista on October 2nd. And the new Belgian Cuptasting champ.

I participated two years ago and Bird and I did a lot of training those days.

Last year we both were challenging the Efico boys. It showed that Bird was the better championship cupper from the two of us, but Bart was too good, which displayed at the World Championships where he became 2nd.

This year we did not practice on triangle cupping.
Bird originally was selected to defend our colors at the Latte Art competition, but after Roeland's bad results at the selections 4 weeks ago I resigned as a trainer and Bird cancelled his latte art participation.
Last week he called up Jeanne he wanted to come over for the cuptasting again.

Every day we taste a lot of coffee and with the experience from the past and his talents this seemed to be enough to become cuptasting champion.
London here we come.

Fun thing is that my resignation has fantastic results.
In the first place there's Bird his title.
Secondly I was willing to help Jeroen with the coffee in good spirits. I didn't, and ..... he became champion today. Congrats Jeroen and good luck in London.

Then I delivered coffee to Isabelle, who was on stage for the Belgian Barista Championships. We decided to go with the Guatemala El Bosque Red Bourbon. A complex, spicy and unique bean that Hasbean Steve shipped over. Thanks for that Steve.
The reactions were very very positive, but unfortunately she just didn't make it to the last 3.

Those who want to drink her championship coffee can come to Hopland this week and enjoy a cup of the fantastic El Bosque.

Last 3, that means finals.
Francois Knopes finished third after receiving the cup for best Latte Art expert. Very well done Francois. I'm so happy you finally won a title and good luck in London.

2nd was last year's champion Melanie. She also won the price for best sig drink.

And the new Belgian Barista Champ is Kenny Burssens. He is actually a sommelier, but gave it a try and did it very well.
Great show Kenny. Good luck at the WBC.

I remember I was backstage at the selection in Mechelen with Kenny and we had a great talk. I saw this guy had a cool style and good tastebuds, but becoming the new champ is a phenomenal performance for a non-Barista. Congrats also to you and Rombouts with the 'best espresso' price!

(Birds cupping picture is from Jeanne's son and was the Belgian photo for the coffee photo of the year championship. Nice, isn't it?)

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