Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Specialty Coffee Flavors & Cup Of Excellence

This week we have our first Cup Of Excellence coffee on display.

The washed and sun-dried bourbon from Finca Los Amates, Apaneca-Ilamatepec was one of the winning coffee's in this years COE auction in El Salvador.
The bean is a fantastic result of how the craftsmanship of a dedicated farmer results in a remarkable coffee bean.

On press we have a super light, mild and very fruity (mostly citrus) coffee with an aftertaste that's very long and pleasant.
On espresso the citrus comes in very direct and heavy. In the middle you have a complexity that's varying from shot to shot. And again an aftertaste like no other.

But what is happening right now : People order this one as a lungo of the week are mostly very positive and very surprised by the clean and refreshing taste. Those who order an espresso (plus minus 20 grams for a double. 91°c. And a 26 seconds running time for 2 times 2,5cl) are very often confused and sometimes not very amused.
The acidity the bean is giving, is too much for the occasional coffee drinker. They experience this coffee very often as being sour, even in the after taste.

We promote this coffee as a very clean citrus fruit bomb with tobacco smell- that's what it is. But it looks like most people do not want a very clean citrus fruit bomb with tobacco smell.
It reminds me at this story from Mark Prince (Coffeegeek). He had a great coffee with a remarkable blueberry profile. One day he visits his father with this coffee and tells him he brought along this great coffee with profound blueberry tastes, on which his father answers : "why should I want to taste a blueberry coffee?".

I guess he's right. And wrong.
I mean, it's nice to have coffee's with complex and extreme tastes, but it's mostly only interesting for the die hard coffee afficionado's.
So, don't be surprised, dear Barista colleagues, if you offer the most special bean at your 'average' client and he/she doesn't appreciate it.
Sometimes Specialty Coffee can be too 'specialty'. :-)

Those who want to drink one better be fast. Wednesday the next Specialty in our '3 dolle weken' is coming.
But Hasbean still has some greens or roasted. Great working with Steve on this one.

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