Thursday, October 29, 2009

Brussels Espresso Bar Run - Natural

Centre Bruxelles gets a new face lift.
The Square is a part of it and already finished. Here on the Monts Des Arts, nearby the museums, I spotted one of the Natural Caffe Bars and stopped for a coffee.

First I thought I walked into an Illy bar. Same style, same atmosphere, same coffee.
On the Della Corte, coupled with a Mahlkönig, they prepare basic Illy coffee's. Mine was not warm enough, but tasty, and Isabel her Latte a tad too light and not sweet enough. My impression was that the girls were more concerned about polishing the chromé bars than making good coffee.

It got the feel of a modern sandwich bar and not an espresso bar. For me it's a missed opportunity to bring decent coffee in the heart of Bruxelles, but I can understand people like this clean and chain-like type of bar where you can easily step in and not being bothered by anyone else.

This month the Antwerp Barista is on the roll.
And you readers seem to appreciate this with more viewers than ever.
Thanks for all the support.
I finish up the month with a triple Brussels Espresso Bar Run. Hope you like it.

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