Friday, October 30, 2009

Brussels Espresso Bar Run - Karsmakers

My friend Jyrki opened his bar almost one year ago.
Here on the Rue des Trèves (Trierstraat?) you can spot people from all over Europe. The streets surrounding the European Parlement are covered with food and drink establishments, but it's Jyrki who serves the best cup of joe.

At Karsmakers you got a long list of drinks. And even 'Soydrinks' are on the list. That's rare, but a good thing. Some days we have dozens of soylatte's or whatever ordered, but I never see other bars offering a soy based cap or latte. Finally I found one.

The space is very deep and has a brilliant back garden.
The interior is very warm, with lots of wood and reminds me a bit at the Or Bar in Gent, but larger.

The machine behind the bar is a 3-group Kees Van Der Westen and the grinder a duo Mahlkönig. Right!
The beans are roasted by Coffeeroots.

I ordered espresso and cappuccino.
Even though the Walküre cups seemed to be too flat, the crema on the espresso was perfect. And the taste was very good. I'm ensured of good acidity in our House Blend thanks to a good portion of Yirgacheffe. I notice lots of coffee roasters are aiming to replace this with Sidamo or Zambia or Colombia or something, but mostly it's not the same. I was missing some punch in the sour-sweet area. But very good balance and great after taste.

There's still some work at the cappuccino's though. Too milky, too hot and not sweet and silky enough. It was a bit comparable to Simon Says last year or a Caffenation cappuccino two years ago. Better milk, less milk, shorter shots and a better binding in the second part of the steaming could be a help.

Very very good start Jyrki. A very relaxed atmosphere, great clientele and good coffee. I'll be back.

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