Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Zambia AA

This week on our Macap for Espresso and Lungo of the week ; the Zambia AA.

Zambian coffees needed some time and more stability in their processing to emerge from the long shadow cast by the East African powerhouse, Kenya.
But like their cousins from Zimbabwe they can be uniquely tasting with both balance, sweetness and interesting wild notes emerging in the aromatics and aftertaste. It takes some searching and patience to find a good single-Estate Zambian though.

These are not mine words, but those of America's main speciality coffee distributor Sweet Maria's.
Well Maria, i think Efico found us a good single estate Zambian. And AKC roasted it ; medium to bring all its valuable fruit out.
And fruit is what we got. Most honestly i think this one is best as a lungo. In the espresso you see the high acidity and fruittones overpower it's medium body and balance. With some more water (lungo the Caffènation way of course, not hot water with espresso) it is more harmonised.

Cupping Notes :
Mouthfeel/Body : Little.
Acidity : Prominent but not overdone.
Flavor : Great! On higher temperature : chocolate and colder : sweet (fruit)
Aftertaste : This is missing character. It is clean though and it tingles a little bit at the sides of the tongue.

Only one advice : check it out at Hopland 46 or buy a bag from your local roaster/shop.

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