Sunday, June 17, 2007

Colombia San Augustin

The Huila region in Colombia is where this San Augustin comes from.
It's difficult go get single origins from micro regional lots as most of the farms are too small, so most of farmers in an area pool together.
So, unfortunately i don't know what was in the bag exactly - i hope to find out soon - but it was pretty good.

What we tasted at the cupping table? :

Medium mouthfeel. It comes in nicely.
Then acidity : where? Not so much to discover. But as it comes out way harder on the espressomachine it is not something to directly worry about.
The flavor was fantastic with lots of raw sugar and a liquorice note.
And the aftertaste was a tad too short and sticky to the tongue.

So good score all together.
I didn't have time to pull some espresso shots ; that's the monday plan.

Also on friday Jazzy Jeff dropped us a bag of Sicilian coffee, Ionia, although i'm not a 100% sure about the name. Besides of the all famous Barbera i haven't been pulling shots from 'factory coffee' in a while, so i was curious about the result. Elisa, our newest Barista in the making, was enchanted about it ; she said her grandmother from Italy sends over these bags from time to time. They drink it 'Bialetti'.
And we drank it 'Faema E91'. Well, all big factory flavor unfortunately. Raw, misbalanced, sourish and stale aftertaste and although a 100% arabica very high on cafeïne.
Good try though Jazzy Jeff who assisted at the test and agrees with the above written and thanks for bringing this coffee along.

6 hours later : first pulled San Augustin shots with taste buddy's Max and J.J. are disappointing. Start is sour, finish a bit better. It's hard to control the flow, so more practising tomorrow. Cheers.

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