Tuesday, June 26, 2007

El Salvador Picacho SHG on Chemex

The Chemex is such an easygoing coffee maker and the El Salvador Picacho SHG (Strictly High Grown) such an easygoing coffee. This marriage is perfect!

After cupping the SG, SHG and premium Picacho i have to admit that the higher level is more detailed and fruity, but i need this SHG in my blend for it's mouthfeel, pleasant aftertaste and brother for the Yirgacheffe.

I think the Chemex filter does well for most of coffee's. It filters out the bitterness and brings a lot of harmony. It's comparable to the in Belgium very popular Melitta filter, but more tasteful and more beautiful.

El Salvador Picacho yes. No 'Los Planes' or 'Santa Ana', but a collection of the southern region. Following the words of Luiz Rodriguez, Head of Economics Department of the 'Café de El Salvador', - we met at the SCAE Coffee Fiesta in Antwerp in May - it is a prime selection and definitely one of El Salvador's best buys in a country that's in their golden age of coffee growing.

Price? Reasonable. Not the cheapest, but at €4,00 a 250 grams, on a full city roast to bring out the best of its espresso potential, it's worth a try.

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