Sunday, June 3, 2007

And the American winner is ...

Interesting national Championships?
We already highlighted the Belgian, Dutch and Danish ones.
And although we never saw a US world champion, it's for sure a country to follow.

Last year there was this surprising win from Matthew Riddle, who later on finished 3rd in Bern.
This year's winner is Heather Perry from the famous in San Dimas located Coffee Klatch, one of the six company's who headlined last weeks coffee journals with this winning bid on the La Esmeralda Panama bean ($ 130 a pound!!).

Heather did what no other participant did before. She regained her title of US best Barista
and will represent her country in Tokyo at the end of july.
She was the best out of 49 competitors from around the country, with Pete Licata (PT's coffee co) 2nd and Matthew Riddle (Intelligensia) 3rd.

Star on the rise Kyle Glanville finished only 5th, while Phuong Tran didn't even make it to the finals!

(this flickr photo comes from ThaRiddla)

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