Thursday, June 7, 2007

Thesis Thomas about coffee experiences throughout the chain

Thomas gave me a final copy of his thesis.
It was a fun time working together on this. I learned a lot about my own organisation, the coffee market in general and Starbucks in particular.

A brief explanation of his report :

Based on the knowledge that consumption experiences are being rediscovered in popular literature, a scientific literature studies is undertaken. A theoretical model is developed throughout the thesis.
First, harmony between consumption and production in the pre-industrialized era is examined. Modernism and postmodernism then are reviewed to give a sketch of the contemporary consumer.
Based on these forces and the historic harmony between consumption and production the emotion experience is analysed. The ultimate way of experiencing these aspects is through nesting, discovery and stamping, for which immersion is the general name.
Immersion implies the desire of individuals to take part in production processes. Next, this co-creation or presumption is examined in a contemporary setting. The theoretical model is completed with an examination of the time related effects of this holistic value chain on individuals. The validity of the model is situated in reality through 2 cases, Starbucks and Caffènation. The model is capable of providing a contribution to the evaluation of emotions, experiences and memories in marketing.

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