Thursday, April 4, 2013

LGB 1.2 : Papua New Guinea Kimel/ Burundi Mahonda

On the grinder since a week or 2, but too busy with other things, instead of writing the necessary blog post about it. Finally the newest version of our seasonal blend, the LGB 1.2.

We know our Rwanda's and Burundi's have been given us some potato head aches now and then, but believe me when i'm tellin' ya these beans are all Cup Of Excellence level, dead clean and very stable over time.

The Mahonda Washing Station has already successfully participated in plenty of competitions, and is renowned for its specialty coffee. The cherries are a collection from the Mahonda, Bugega, Maza Mugano, Gitaramuka, Buraza, Bibate, Musebeyi, Gicumbi, Nyamisure and Gisura Mountains. Mahonda participated in the Cup of Excellence 2012 with several lots, ending up at ninth (87,33) and third (90,53) place in the ranking. This Washing Station was one of the eye-catchers of the tournament, and is building up a nice Fully Washed coffee that will be able to compete on an international level.

The newest Burundi bean is from the highest slopes of the Gitega province, and a combination of Jackson, Bourbon, Iron19 varieties. 

In the cup we taste medium acidity, lots of fruit and present Vanilla.

This coffee combines very well with the Papua New Guinea Kimel Peaberry (link - Dutch). This coffee is actually complex and full enough to take all the work on the shoulders all by itself, but in combo with the Mahonda we have more stable results. 

We maybe lack some body in the 1.2 LGB, but well dosed it cuts nicely through the milk and is a perfect opposite of the new upcoming Red Roast. 
My idea is presenting a LGB as most seasonal blend, with clean fully washed AA coffees, focused on 'fraicheur', fruit to become the cappuccino king. 
The (new) Red Roast is the improved House Blend with some unwashed coffees in it. A tad darker in roast and more versatile and forgiving. We dare to say "Harder, Stronger, Faster, Caffenation". :-)

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