Tuesday, April 2, 2013

BAC 2013 : Results&Techniques

Another year, another champ. Jazzy Jeff Verellen was 2 against 1 at Unibet and kept high to his reputation with another victorious performance.

The 3rd (already) Belgian Aeropress Championships were a big hit. More participants, more fans, better coffee! Couldn't believe my eyes. This thing is really getting huge!

18 Belgian Aeropress experts were pressing the best possible coffee out of their Aeropress.
A trio of judges for The Netherlands flew to Antwerp to taste (blind) the best coffee from our funky Papua New Guinea Kimel peaberry bean.

These 3 persons made it to the finals :
(from left to right) :
Sofie Nys : part time Barista at Viggo's
Simon Boone : a man with two nationalities and current Dutch Aeropress Champ, he's Barista, Barista trainer & Roaster for Caffenation.
Jeff Verellen : head roaster at Caffenation and former Vice and World Champion.

Simon used very unusual elements and a technique hard to explain. In the finals he slipped on his grinding though and had to content with a 3rd spot.

Sofie was 3 rounds in a row very precise. A clean, bright cup with great acidity and sweetness!
her recipe :
15,60 grams of medium to coarsely grind coffee, with fines filtered out
And with the inverted techique (yes, it still exists!) 210 grams of water 78 degrees.
Stir for 10 seconds.
Steep for 40 seconds.
Plunge for 30 seconds.
Simple and fast. Very well done. And an easy technique for you at home.

Jeff his technique was similar to the one used in Milan at the WAC 2011. This original recipe didn't do the trick though, so he added ' small details that give the cup a cleaner and more balanced taste.
1) bean picking : out the lightest beans and inn the smallest and heaviest.
2) relative coarse grind. 6,75 on the Mahlkonig Tanzania Uber Grinder.
3) most important extra : blooming on 83 degrees. 45". Then pour on at 76 degrees, very slowly. and also a very slow press. Total brewing and pressing 2'10"
4) making the coffee fast and not too many, so it's served a the right (low) temperature.

Good luck everybody with the recipes and see you next year at the 4th BAC on Easter Monday!!

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