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Caffenation Bar Run 2012

Lots of new clients last year.
And while some were not specialized, others should be very attractive for the average coffee 'snob'.
Here a short list :

They have a vintage clothing shop next door to The Village Utrecht. Meanwhile they also became fan of our bar in Antwerp.
A first meeting made things very clean : we had to collaborate in Antwerp.
Now we are very proud about this very cosy place called Sussies. It's a cross over between Vintage clothing, furniture and top class coffee.
Our retired workhorse, a 3-group Linea is still doing a pretty good job for our Little Green Bag beans.
Official Adress : Zwaluwstraat, is perched in between Groenplaats and Oude Koornmarkt.

Merksem is in the North of Antwerp and, as far as i know, the only Specialty Coffee Bar in that part of Flanders.
Claus, who's a veteran in coffee, beer and tapa land Antwerp, opened his own dream house.
The place feels very retro cosy and their Flashy Green La Marzocco FB 80 is one of the most beautiful espresso machines i ever saw. Little Green Bag on the menu.
Bredabaan 517.

Opened up at the beginning of 2012.
The owner Liesje is a person with a plan. Although I had problems understanding this arty co-working espresso bar space kind of concept; i have to admit it's a big success.
Her bar now is home for lots of creative and young people. And Liesje a great Barista and host.
For sure a bar you need to discover in 2013. Ask for a LGB shot.
Sint-Lambertusstraat 1, coming from Albertpark, going into Boomgaardstr, 3rd street to the right!

3rd wave espresso bar par excellence.
Kobe was the man who steered the La Marzocco Linea for our client in Mortsel, De Voorspoed.
I never met such a Cup and Brew Gear fanatic as him. And his urge to keep on experimenting should be one of the many reasons to go visit his bar, and witness his unique white FB 80, 3 white Anfim Super Caimano's set up!
At the corner of Grote Pieter Potstraat en Vlasmarkt.

This 'mobile' project of Chris and Agnieska is the one you need if you're on the look out for a cool coffee catering with Caffenation House Blend and Little Green Bag.
Their revamped Renault Van looks blistering, their Barista technique start to get really smooth and hopefully we'll meet them soon more often in the streets of Antwerp, Gent or ....

6th bar on the list and the 6th one with a La Marzocco engine! Their black FB70 is a cool machine and our former Caffenation Barista Fanny did a magnificent job in this Idealab project with the bar at the ground floor.
Here you can drink great coffee's in company of students and creative people. Very recommandable.
Lange Klarenstraat 19. On the Meir, take a turn at the Disney shop; smell the LGB spro.

Yes, not very busy in The Netherlands, but this bar is really shaking the booty!
A must visit for every coffee tourist in Amsterdam. Koko girls Karlijn en Carolien are the most stylish, friendly and best trained female Barista's a man (or woman) could wish for.
La Marzocco (GB5) paired with 3 Super Caimano's and some Little Green Bag coffee do the job in this Fashion/Design/Coffee House.
Oudezijds Achterburgwal 145, nearby Damplein, Damstraat, Wallen.

While you're there to drink a cup at Koko, why not visit Amsterdam West and our friends Guy and Graham in their coffee bar, restaurant, traiteur take out. This no-nonsense place is a nice spot to find some rest in this hectic city.
They got our House Blend on the grinder and get bit by bit grip on their shiny Simonelli espresso machine. A nice project with a great future ahead.
Bellamystraat 2

This part of Gent didn't have a good cup of coffee to offer till IObjectore came here to realize their ambitions. Of course their own home and working space/company, but annex a great resto coffee bar that is really worth a visit, or 2, 3, ....
Design coupled with inspiring people and great coffee. What more are we asking for?
Another La Marzocco perhaps? Well, this classic E61 machine is doing the job fine I think.
Dendermondsesteenweg 104

Maybe not a specialized bar. And maybe not such an ambitious project, but finally someone has the balls to offer filter coffee in stead of espresso based drinks. A girl has!
Annemie offers hand brewed filter coffee with her snacks. And a lot of friendlyness in a great interior. The place to be for you afternoon break.
Cassierstraat 38, nearby St-Jansplein, cornered with de Pretstraat.

More specialized and further away from home, but what a project!
When Gerben came to visit me 2 years ago we immediately had a click. It was a long and windy road towards this specialty coffee bar in the center of Groningen, but big G got character and character goes a long way. And i guess we could say it's going all the way up, and the sky is the limit.
A Synesso Hydra (yes!) coupled with Anfim do the job. Specialty Coffee with a capital 'S'.
Oude Kijk in 't Jatstraat 32 - LGB!

You can call this a snack bar or baguetterie, but for me this is a perfect example how to bring in better coffee in whatever kind of place.
The Wega and 2 grinders are set for coffee, all kind and sizes. The atmosphere is great and the clients happy. Owners Tim and Valerie show how you can boost a Sandwich bar with great coffee!
Schaluin 49

For years I was dreaming to spread the Caffenation word in Leuven.
Muriel and Kris finally helped me fulfil this dream.
Their vintage looking Wega is fitting fantastic in this cosy specialty coffee bar. Not the first specialty bar in Leuven, but for sure the first 3rd Waver, with light roasts, filter coffee and a no nonsense atmosphere.
Kris is mastering the skills of welcoming young and old. This is a place to feel home and for sure lots of coffee lovers will state it like this. Only open 9 months this bar is a true hot spot, and with reason.
LGB at Naamsestraat 49

Keeping the best for the last. Yes, this bar is a Rob favourite.
Cause, from all new bars in 2012, this one is approaching the closest the Caffenation original. The equipment (Linea and Anfim and more), menu, atmosphere, grungy feel, positive vibes are really Caffenation and it's ... very crowded. I'm proud Marc and Gemma had the guts to trust me and follow my ideas. And very happy they and a whole lot of people in Hasselt appreciate this day in day out. :-)
Want to feel the vibe? Go for LGB Maastrichterstraat 58.

(not forgetting we started to get the art of spro in some restaurant environments as well. In 2012 Oud Sluis, Radis Noir, Miro, Bar Hasard, Troubadour, Glorious and others show that a good meal needs a good finish and Caffenation is proud helping them - and you)
(and sometimes you get thirsty : At Hopper, Korsakov and Zeppelin Cafés they think their clients need a good cup of Joe any time of the day and so they dropped our coffee in their coffee doser last year)

Thank you all. And up for an even better 2013. Paris, Barca and many other in the pipeline!!!!

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