Sunday, February 10, 2013

BAC 3 : Aeropress Championships on April 1 2013

Here we go again : 3rd year in a row Caffenation is organizing the Belgian Aeropress Championships.

And we have a very very solid reputation here in Belgium.
After a second place and two consecutive world titles in this discipline we have the eyes of the whole world peering at us.

Later on I get you the coffee - we don't know yet - and the rules.

Today we give the date and the tournament rules.

We have, just like at the WAC, 18 participants.
In the first round we have 6 groups of 3.
The winner advances to the semi finals.
Here we go 1 against 1 and the winner of this knock out advances to the finals.

In the finals the 3 'survivors' from previous rounds prep their best possible drink and see who the judges pick for 3rd, 2nd and 1st place.

Is young Jedi Vincent Bruyninckx going to regain his title?
Will Charlene De Buysere show her world title class again?
Or is golden oldie Jeff Verellen coming back for a new trophee?

Soon the names of the 3 Dutch Judges and 18 Belgian 'warriors' (the list is almost full already).
Adress : Caffenation, Mechelsesteenweg 16 (Nationale Bank), Antwerp.
We start at 11, till 14h. Then the bar stays open till 18h, with the Lounge reserved for all participants and fans and beers.

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