Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Keep Cup at Caffenation

I remember when we first discovered these reusable, eco friendly, funky colored cups, i was very sceptic about the value for our bar.

When Joke pushed me half a year a go to give it a chance in our Take Out Nation i was still reluctant. But she swore she would sell it, so we ordered a box of 30 or 40.

And one month later they were gone.
We ordered a new box, and again .... all sold within a month.

This time we start dealing them at our main bar at the Mechelsesteenweg and so do some of our dealers.

The prices are €10 for the 20cl and €12 for the 30cl version.
With our FFFF system : First Fill For Free, we expect lots of positive reactions (again).

When clicking here you see how fashionable these cups became, all over Europe.

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