Thursday, October 18, 2012

Filter van de Week : Panama Don Pepe

Address:        Volcancito, Boquete, Panama       
Producer:        Antonio Vasquez
Product Availability:    Harvesting in October – February – Available from November – August
Beans:    SHB (Strictly Hard Beans)
Soil:     Volcanic
Processing:    Washed

Founded in 1899 by Don Enrique Vásquez, Don Pepe is a fourth generation coffee farm and a former Best of Panama winner. Perched high on the slopes of Baru Volcano, Don Pepe is located in Volcancito, a micro-region within Panama's celebrated Boquete growing region.

After picking, skin and mucilage is removed using Penagos machinery before the coffee is dried. First part of the drying happens at cement patios and finished using raised beds with a mesh bottom - allowing air to circulate freely around the coffee. The coffee is of the Typica variety - one of the main cultivars of Coffea Arabica, whom many other varieties have derived from. The yield is pretty low, but the cup quality rewarding.

Geuren en smaken :
De versgemalen koffie geurt bijna als vers gezaagd hout.
En ook in de smaak komt iets van (zoet)hout omhoog.
We merken dadelijk waarom deze koffie bij ons voor 95% als espresso (LGB) gebrand wordt : vrij krachtig en een lage aciditeit. Toetsen ook van colanoten.

Best Brewed hot enough to enhance the acidity : 93-96°c.

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