Sunday, June 20, 2010

WCB 2010 Predictions

Third year in a row I'm posting my predictions for the upcoming World Barista Championship.

In 08 and 09 I scored a surprising 4 out of 6 on both occasions. Tough to do better, certainly now I follow it less than before, but I'll give it (a long) shot.

1) No doubt about American Michael Philips. Maybe the strongest last year, but killed by nerves and a super duper Square Mile coffee.

2) Colin Harmon is another back to back national champ that made the finals last year. Logical bet I think. Good luck Colin.

3) Home crowd favourite John Gordon. Just as Colin competing with Hasbean beans. Steve may start getting nervous.

I suppose 99 out of 100 people would pick these three as well. Now time for specialised betting and gambling.

4) Scottie Callaghan was Latte Art champ in Tokyo 3 years ago. He has lots of experience and darn fine coffee. Count him in for a top 6.

5) Kyle Straw! for Canada. This man has experience, coffee, a Super Caimano and his mother language in his favor. Can't go wrong.

6) Ishan Natalie represents South Africa. These days this country is on tv screens world wide. Very well known for football, less for coffee. Last two years Ishan had some great Origin beans and fluent performances. So lots of experience and time to harvest. You think his fans will bring vuvuzela's?

Of course there's serious competition from Norway, Denmark, Hungary and Finland with strong Barista's. To be expected in the Semis.

Belgium rep is Kenny Burssens. I never expected him to become Belgian champ the day I met him backstage in Mechelen last year September. He was still very uncertain about himself and his coffee, but grew bit by bit and delivered a stunning performance in October at the Finals.
Never a Belgian Barista prepared himself so profesionally for the WBC. He's a cool cat on stage and a top 12 performance wouldn't surprise nobody. Good luck Kenny.

Dutch Barista Sander Schat is ready for this second WBC. Last year in Atlanta he was deeply disappointing. Time for revenge. And why not top 12. To complete the circle.

Who do you think is going to take the crown?

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