Friday, June 11, 2010

Hario V60 Brew Technique

After seeing a lot of people struggle with their pour over, I want to share this Bloom Diagram made by the master himself : Jaime van Schyndel (Barismo).

You can clearly see where in the filter the coffee's creating its bloom.

We have almost poured a thousand V60's last month and start having an idea on how to do it.

Take the right filter for the right amount of coffee.
Size one is perfect for 20-22 grams of medium ground for 240-280 ml of brewed coffee.
Size two is perfect for 25-30 grams of medium ground for 350-400 ml of brewed coffee.
This is more than the well known 60-65 grams a liter.
But you'll need more when using this bloom technique, cause there's some of the coffee you won't use for taste, but it's helping you to lead your water. See the V'-shaped sides. As long as you keep these, the flow of water is well controled. When you're able to get a 3 1/2 to 4 minute extraction the cup will be very rich.

1) Start with a little bit of water in your kettle, so you don't overdo the blooming.

2) After a 20 seconds bloom you pour in the water (95°C max) agressively. Start in the middle and then go outwards, but don't go to the side.
This way you push the coffee up and to the sides. The top will flop open and you will create a sorte of a (volcano) crater.
Don't laugh, but sometimes it makes me think at Alien(s) and the expanding of those alien eggs. It really flops open.
Don't wait to long with this first pour. If not you'll have a kind of crust on top and your control is gone.

3) Take it easy the first minute. You sides are still a bit soft and may collapse if you pour too wild now.

4) Keep a steady flow till you finish your brew, after three and a half or 4 minutes. This means full emursion. A full, well balanced taste will be your reward.

If the brew goes too fast, grind finer.

Good luck.
(thanks Jaime for the very informative drawing)

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