Sunday, June 6, 2010

Leuven Espresso Bar Run : Break

2 years ago I was walking through Leuven with my good coffee friend Jozo.

He had his mind on opening a Caffenation styled bar in Leuven and I thought this was (and still is) an excellent idea.

Meanwhile searching for a vacant shop we had a look a the (future) competition.
I liked the style of this cosy place called De Dry Coppen.
And most known was Koffie Onan.

I was not very impressed by both quality and spirit. We are used to communicate about all things we discover and hope our passion inspires other people to help improving coffee quality and experience.

I noticed a couple other places on the side, but nothing excited me.

When I drove my car to Leuven at the beginning of this year to install our first machine at Ron Blacks I was curious about the coffee evolution in this city.

New bars popped up but, as far as I could see and taste, nothing to my liking.

But then, a couple of months later, I received a mail from a man called Michiel. He was on his way to open a specialised bar in Leuven and was interested in some training.
I explained we do a lot of classes and training, but only for Caffenation clients.
He told me he was not willing to work with our products, so we never met.

This week, when I had an extra in between hour in Leuven, I walked up his bar at the Bondgenotenlaan, close to Central Station.
Break Espresso Bar is the name and this guy is serious.

A 3 group Simonelli Aurelia. Twin Mahlkonig grinder station. A Bunn o matic. Respect.
I was very curious about the content of the grinder.
Knopes Espresso Blend! Why did nobody tell me this. ;-)

Very good bar. If Michiel keeps his motivation, this bar is on it's way to legend, in and outside of Leuven.

My friend Jelle, from Cantaloup, is waiting for a Simonelli technician to prep his machine. I suggest, after that, the man drives his van to Leuven to lower the heat on Michiels Aurelia, cause that was the only real minus.

Keep up the good work Michiel.
I heard I missed another new bar in Leuven ; that's for my next visit.
And hopefully later on .... a Jozo bar, with Caffenation on the menu.
Up to that day I suggest people go on espresso bar run and don't forget Ron Blacks. I think they do a great job. Certainly for not being an espresso bar. Maybe someone has to start an espresso test with all places listed.

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