Tuesday, June 22, 2010

WBC 2010

This one is my last post before heading to the Capital of Coffee.

Besides the all important World Barista Championships, we still have a lot of other things going on in London City.

Starting with their blog. Very funny and informative. A must read.

The competitions :

World Cuptasting Championship
: Representing Belgium (and Caffenation) : Bert 'Bird' Van Wassenhoven. Fast as lightening and pin point accurate at the Belgian Heat, this 5 year Barista is trying to keep Belgium on the coffee map of the world. Good luck Friday Bert.

Coffee in Good Spirits : Jeroen De Corte (who comes from the same village/town as your blog host) is the perfect man for the job this year. Good luck Jeroen.

At the Latte Art Championships : Francois Knopes has the (almost) impossible task to do as good as Peter Hernou last year ; winning. Be we have all trust in this young gifted Barista.

The Ibrik Championship : Here we spot other Caffenation Barista, Roeland Lenaerts. I've been tasting some of Roeland's creations and never expected Turkish coffee to taste so good. Good luck.

And not on the official program : The WAC, World Aeropress Championship.
It's funny to see on the internet how this comp gaining more interest than the 'real' stuff.
(Jazzy) Jeff Verellen is Caffenation Barista/Roaster and ready to take up the job for Belgium. To know more about this competition you can read this earlier post.
This competition will run over 2 days - wednesday and thursday - at the Brew Bar. Finals forseen at Thursday 4 PM. Hopefully with Jeff at the press. Good luck boy.

For those not in England and curious about the event : go here, for live streaming.

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