Sunday, April 4, 2010

Kenya Tinganga

For me, the best filter/press coffee of the year so far is the Kenya Tinganga.

This single estate Kenyan is UTZ certified beans from the Sasini Group, traded by Mercanta and roasted by Knopes.
What does this all mean and how is the coffee tasting?

1) UTZ certified : The UTZ CERTIFIED program provides the assurance of responsible coffee production and sourcing that coffee drinkers expect. It answers two crucial questions for the global coffee chain: Where does the coffee come from? And How was it produced?

2) The Sasini Group : Tinganga Estate farm is part of the Sasini Group. Sasini has a holistic view on producing quality products; we take a healthy community and environment very serious. We have put this policy into practice by working according the UTZ CERTIFIED standard. All the farms in the Sasini group are UTZ CERTIFIED since March 2005.

3) Mercanta

4) Knopes

5) Tinganga Estate : The Tinganga farm is located on the scenic cool highlands of Central Kenya in the Kiambu District north-west of Nairobi city. 182 Hectares of land are used for coffee growing, the coffee fields lie approximately at an altitude range of 1630-1900 meters above sea level. The annual average rainfall is 1000 – 1500mm.

6) The cupping notes : Vibrant grape acidity, light mouth feel, sugar cane sweetness, notes of tropical fruit, pineapple, grapefruit and very clean.

We still have a couple kilo's left at Hopland and probably a whole lot more next week.

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