Monday, April 26, 2010

Hario vs Melitta

We did a small comparison between a Hario and Melitta filter brew.
For Hario we took the V60 1 filter and Melitta the 1X2. You can see which one this is on the photo.

We tested it with 20 grams of the same coffee (have to admit I forgot which one it was, probably a washed Yirgacheffe). The water was the same. The brewing was equal; a 3 minute extraction for 30 cl of coffee.

The Melitta was good. Even better than expected.

The Hario V60 was more tasteful though.

More detailed, sweeter and cleaner.
You could already notice differences on the top of the coffee itself. With the Melitta we had some oil segments. With the Hario it was dead clean and shiny - as always.

Of course I was a bit pre programmed, being a big Hario fan, but we also did a blind taste and gave the cups to a couple of clients and every time the Hario came out first.

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