Sunday, April 18, 2010

Efico Seabridge Coffee Terminal

Drove my Volvo to the new Efico Warehouse last Friday.

It's not totaly finished yet, but since a while Efico is shipping their coffees to this new building in Zeebrugge. The site is called Seabridge and located on this new street, koffiestraat.

One of the biggest green coffee traders in the world is an Antwerp company. Efico's offices and cupping room is one kilometer away from our bar. The former warehouse was in the Antwerp harbour, but now they decided to move all this liquid gold to this North Sea harbour.
I don't really mind. It's a 1 hour drive for me and I only go like once a year to pick up a couple of sample bags. Maybe the word 'sample bag' is not best world for 50 to 70 kilo bags of greens. Every week, 5 weeks long, we roast a full 35K drum to see what the beans are saying. If they are really pleasing, we order more and have them delivered.

Here you see the inside of the delivery house. At this platform they sort the bags ready for shipping.
Everything spic and span here. And spacious and light. What a difference with the old storage building.

A car full of coffee's. Now I know why I bought this break.
Enough Indonesia, Guatemala, Cameroon, India and Tanzania in the house for next 5 roasts of the week I guess.

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