Thursday, April 29, 2010

Filter/Press Roast of the Week : Tanzania AAA

The Tanzania coffee character belongs to the Central/East African family of washed coffees, bright (acidic), and almost aggressively flavorful. Kenya is certainly the dominant coffee, but Tanzania has also pushed ahead and shows many of the same positive qualities of Kenya. (dixit Sweet Maria's - also the map is taken from their site)

In the cup it is an aggressively flavorful cup.
We took a lighter roast to bring out all the fruiteness, with dominant grapefruit.
We think this triple A comes from the Ruvuma district, but we're not a 100% sure. It's a pity we do not have more information about this.

For those who like a light (almost no body) and fruity and clean cup of coffee, this one is recommanded. € 4,50 for 250 grams at the Hopland shop.

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