Monday, March 1, 2010

Our Water

Recently we installed a new Water and More Bestmax filter.
Blog followers know this is our preferred water filter/softener.

Before installing Patrick (Limarc) did a small check on the current tap water.

PPM 248
PH 9,2
KH 8
GH 14

For me this is Latin.
For Patrick this means the bypass of the filter should be on 3.

The PH is kinda high. With good bypass, this should go down to 6,7
The PPM is good and the KH needs to go down a bit as well.

Not too bad before, but - of course - way better after it's filtered.

For all who have no clue what to do with their water ; get a specialised man in and it surely improves the quality in the cup. There's a lot of water in you coffee cup, isn't it?

For those interested in more; here an interesting read about clarified coffee, from James H.

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