Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Espresso Drinking in Antwerp

When I started Pitten & Bonen 13 years ago - or was it 14? - people were totally not used to drink espresso's. In those days ordering an espresso, or expresso, was normal, but then they gave you a lungo type of coffee. (I never did so!)

Since that day I have a problem with the word lungo, but can't find a better word for it. I have a problem with this 15 cl espresso drink in general, but that's for another post soon.

Espresso drinking in Antwerp 7 years ago. Caffenation opened their doors and people started to order espresso more and more. I have to admit we were not mastering the process in those days, but at least we offered a couple 3cl beverages called espresso.

Only a couple years later we understood how to get decent extractions and dark brown crema.

I think we still have a lot to learn, but anno 2010 we are a type of espresso institute where people from all over town come for good single or double espresso shots. We now are pulling them 2,5 cl long and offering 1 House Blend and 2 single origin espresso's (SOE) every single day.

Today we have SOE of Mokka Harrar Ethiopia and a crazy Bolivia.

As you can see on this espresso massacre coffee tray on the photo ; things are going really well with espresso in Antwerp.

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