Sunday, March 14, 2010

(Ex) Barista in Action : Bergami

Part III of my Barista in Action series : The manager in action :-)

The days I've been steering the machine seem to be history. Saturday's a couple of hours and the times I'm training rookie's at the steering wheel yes, but less and less the La Marzocco is in my hands.
Time for the slow bar to be launched. Still like to brew coffee's professionally, but bit by bit it's getting to much hard work, and with one thousand questions a day to be answered and phone calls to be made, I'm loosing Barista touch. Brewing filter and aeropress coffee's at the other (read 'my') side of the bar probably gets me back in touch with this old love of being a Barista, Antwerp Barista.

Here a couple of photo's of me at the bar. Photo's of Olympus man Bird.
Probably not the snappiest of shots, but that's all I got.

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