Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Where are the Aeropresses?

For those wondering were they are ; the new load of promised Aeropresses.

Aerobie San Antonio US, shipped the goodies December 15.
I did the necessary payments. It was a big order!
All boxes did well arrive at the Customs Department in Brussels.

They called me two times the week before New Year to check if papers were OK. And promised me to deliver the presses at the end of December or, the latest, beginning of 2010.

Meanwhile we're Jan 12 and we still didn't see a thing.

Today I tried to call them. It took 1 hour and something like 25 phone calls before someone picked up the line.
This person couldn't help me. They know nothing.

Via US Postal Services I'm trying to find back tracking number and hope the Aeropresses are going to be at Hopland soon. Pfff.
Once they're in ; I'll let u know.

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