Friday, January 15, 2010

African Coffee Cupping

Heavy Metal Cuppers : Isa, Jeff, Roel zoekt Boel, Bird, Me.
African Coffee's : 3 Rwandas and 4 Ethiopians.

Rwanda Murambi (Hasbean) : Nice Body, Sweet, Woody/Smoky, Peas, Clean. Me likey.

Rwanda Gikongabo & Butare (George Howell) : Tons of Citrus, Apricot, Cherry, Very clean. Top.

Rwanda Buremema COE (Hasbean) : Perfect Balance, Chicory, Apple!, Clean. Me likey.

Ethiopia Zege Lake Tana (Hasbean) : Wild Fruits, Djimma family, Body, Funky yes. Better on Aeropress.

Ethiopia Wild Bonga Forest (Hasbean) : Raw African Power, Inconsistent says Steven. Probably. Expected a bit more. Last crop seemed more pleasant and subtle.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Chelba Union (Square Mile) : Natural Processed wonder, Barnyard, Spices, Tropical Fruit, Super Finish, Sweeter when cooling down.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Conventional (Caffenation) : Easy going, Sweet, Very Clean.

7 big coffee's! Rwanda's were generally more appreciated. GH and SM on a lighter roast. The Chelba Union and Buremema our favourites.
Thanks Jazzy Jeff for the samples.

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