Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Boston Globe (Press Article/Vid)

High-quality espresso from low-end machines - The Boston Globe

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My comment :
It's sad that in a city like Boston they're still struggling so much with espresso.

First they want to show us low budget espresso. I'm sure there are fresh coffee suppliers existing that charge less for a bag than pre ground Illy, to just name one.
Freshness is key. I understand they only want to talk low budget, so no grinder, but you can find this roastery and ask them to grind it for you. At Caffenation we have plenty of people who come every week for a new bag of freshly ground.

Then I read the comments and a lot of people recommend their Mokka/Stove Pot Cafeteria. First of all ; this is not espresso! And secondly ; I think we can make better coffee on a cheap espresso machine.

The saddest thing about this article is the way they make their espresso. The packing and pre heated cups are fine enough, but isn't there a way to make the espresso run at least 20 seconds? I can't imagine this 10 seconds extraction to taste any good.

So, once again you see why it's good I keep this blog.
Maybe it's a good idea to make a small movie about home brewing on a (cheap) espresso machine. My opinion is that Barista skills are the most important link in the whole coffee chain, from seed to cup.

Stay tuned.
With good coffee.

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