Monday, June 22, 2009

Poor Mans' Clover

Poor mans' Clover, or the AeroPress.
I don't really know what took me so long, but finally Has Bean Steve shipped over a AeroPress Coffee Brewer.

Probably the Tim Wendelboe post about the Aero Press world championships was the final push I needed. Before some of my most fanatic clients tried to get me into it, but I had still so many other brewing systems to discover and master...

Anyway, it all arrived on Tuesday and only by Saturday I did my first brew.
Directly my taste buds were attacked with a very full taste. The coffee had very good body and stronger then expected. That was just a Daterra (Sweet Collection) cup, which is, by the way, our Roast of the Week.
The second was with the same (basic) technique and an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. Flabergasted. That's what Michael Phillips wanted the judges to be at the WBC in Atlanta. We were Saturday with our second AeroPress brew. Very rich, fruity and long lasting cup of coffee, best to be compared with a Clover cup, more than with an espresso machine.
Now I understand why Tim sold his Clover.

I noticed the system prefers lighter roasts, which is sometimes a problem since we do not roast that light.
Although I often read and heard the AeroPress is keeping the bitters low, I had more bitters in the cup with this system then with filter brews. It balanced more towards a +5 minutes press or Eva Solo. Even in the after taste I do notice good bitters. But the intensity and flavor harmony does remind me very strong at the Clovers I had before - 2 at Estate and 1 at Grumpy.

A big huray for the AeroPress. I think it's even time to organise a new Barista Jam soon in which this system can be highlighted.

To finish a quick link with brewing advise from the world masters Jensen, Kaminsky and Juras. The first two seem to be a bit more technical and complicated with Lukasz his system closest to mines. Unfortunately I can't find nothing but stupid video's online.

I hope I can post you soon the way we think it's easy and good to work with this 'machine'.

For those interested in buying one ; you can click here(GB) or here(NL). Maybe it's a good idea in the future to stock some at Caffenation. I'll keep you informed.

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