Thursday, June 11, 2009

Doppio Ristretto

Most specialised places around the world are offering those thick strong small espresso's. I do see this more as a doppio ristretto.
And that's what we have on the mirror since this week.
Our 'Afrique C'est Chique' blend drinks really well this way. 24 (twenty four!) grams, 20 to 25 seconds extraction and 25-30 ml in the cup. Very strong, syrupy, pronounced acidity and flavours and a very long lasting aftertaste that doesn't need a glass of water to rinse your mouth*. That's the way it should be.
Next week we'll have a darker blend as Roast of the Week. Very interesting on ristretto as well.

* This doesn't mean it's not smart to drink some water after a strong cup. It's better to do so, a minute or so after your shot, to rinse your stomach.

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