Sunday, June 14, 2009

Paris Espresso Bar Run

Quick Paris visit. It's only 1 hour and 50 minutes from Antwerp, so ...

Finally visited Soluna myself.

Nice meeting Yady Elyas who informed me with all love about their business and beans.
Tasted the all famous Rwanda Nyamagabe. James Hoffmann once wrote a very interesting article about this bean. No 'Potato' taste for me, but lots of chocolate, medium strenght, fruity flavoured coffee with great finish. I tasted once a very fresh shot of Stephens championship blend, which contained some of this Rwanda. This was my second try and it will definitely not be my last.

Took home some Gua, Ethio and Peru coffee. Maybe soon more about these coffee's. Hopefully it's going to be fresh crop, cause sometimes they have old beans lingering around the place. I understand it's hard to sell all these bags of specialty coffee, but at the prices asked for these beans, I expect some new crop ones!

Besides of Soluna Caféotheque de Paris I had two small cups. One was at the Temple cafe, besides the metro station. Disgusting! Yes, Paris isn't known for top notch coffee preparations. Hopefully we may change some things with Caffenation in the future. With the train Paris is closer by than Amsterdam, and with 10 million people eagerly waiting for good coffee ; the market is huge and wide open.

One more espresso at Brasserie Le Marigny at the Boulevard Port Royal 86 and not bad at all. Good job for a 'regular' bar actually. Congrats. You see, there's some light at the end of the tunnel.
The beautiful 'Café Florio' photo was taken on their terrace.

For the amateurs : attached an article from the Flying Thud about his Paris experiences. We passed by Laduree, but found a Japanese expert around the corner of our hotel, also on the Bd Port Royal, with great macarons and chocolates. Hmmmm!

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