Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Barista Jam June 21

This one again was a so-called non professional one, although 3 new Caffenation clients sent over some rookie Barista's. An evening like this feels like the best introduction into our wonderful wonderful world.

First part was the same as always. An overview on Arabica varietals and origins, to finish off with some cupping. Besides of three very different tasting beans we also had a market leader coffee from Sara Lee. Unfortunately for SL some people were angry at me to have them tasting this, not so pleasant, 'factory' coffee. And angry at Sara Lee since they feel like they've been fooled for ages. I understand.

Second part was Roeland experimenting with all different ingredients. Like making improvised signature drinks. Katrien and I couldn't believe our eyes how fluently he mixed up all ingredients (14 in total) with 3 different coffee bases. A remarkable performance for a try out!!

Then extraction and espresso theory, to finish with a Latte Art demonstration by Katrien, who's these days swinging her arms into all possible directions to end up with perfect rosetta's.

Q&A and time to go home after 2 and a half hours of 'coffee class'. New Jam in September. And an advanced Jam - also for pro's - in October after the champion ships. Promised!

(all photo's by Keefe C.)

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