Monday, September 8, 2008

New WBC Rules

As most people know, the rules for the Barista Championship have been changed. They change them every year, luckily, but not as drastic as they did this year.
By giving the sensory judges more power, the aspect of taste will increase in value.
Mainly I think that in the end there will be the same Barista's winning championships, but the main idea of Barista championships should be an improved cup of coffee in your favourite coffee house, and therefor it's good bit by bit you see the championships change from very classic and boring presentations towards innovative drinks and relaxed styled presentations. The fact Stephen Morrisey winning is the best example. No necktie's but sexy music, humour, risky moves and top class coffee, it was all in there.
In Belgium we saw at championship a lot of participants knowing the rules and they were scoring a lot of points on all 'meaningless' details that would not bring better coffee at the average coffee table. And that's what I see day in and out in the field. Company's like Kimbo and Rombouts are participating at championships, but do not trans pond this knowledge into the field, or at least not enough.
Of course we have to wait and see. And what do we see? That Mexico was the first country to compete with the new rules and it turned out to be great. Anette Moldvaer has this nice article about it.
The winner? Aleli Moreno Labastida, girlfriend of the former champion Chava. It all stays in the 'family'. Click the Barista Mag Blog link in the link list for more.

For a look at the new rules.
And a general overview at Kiril's Espresso Run blog, that also features a good post about the new Reg Barber tamper.

And now it's time to throw away my sugar pots.

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