Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Anfim Grinder on Demand

This beast is called Anfim Super Caimano Grinder on Demand Titanium Black.

Mouth full. And so is my mouth full of superlatives. It produces very fine grind without clumbs and delivers it right in the middle of your basket. No leveling needed.

And this grinder is rock steady in shot quality and gives you with one push at the bottom the right amount of coffee time after time.

We saw a lot of build in timers on the regular Super Caimano - like the one Stephen M used at the WBC. Not bad at all, but what with Barista's who need to pull singles shots? Nowadays I see it's getting rare to have singles. We still need them and use them and therefor a grinder on demand is the perfect solution. Certainly with 6 or 7 Barista's in rotation behind the bar (on a weekly base). Since we have brackets to rest the porta filters ; the lower speed of the machine isn't an issue anymore.
A .25g variance for a double dose meets our standards.

The heating up of the burrs is minimum. 3 kilo's in one afternoon without overheating is perfectly possible. And that's probably 3 times better than the Mahlkonig K30 we had before. And for less money.

I don't think the perfect grinder exists, but if I have to name one it will be the Anfim Super Caimano Grinder on Demand Titanium Black for sure. I became a much happier Antwerp Barista thanks to this monster.

I do not stock these baby's, but for those in Belgium or the Netherlands who are interested in buying one, they can always contact me at caffenationatgmaildotcom.

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