Sunday, September 21, 2008

Brazil Fazenda Cachoeira 2007-2008

5 kilo of green Brazil Fazenda Cachoeira 2007/2008 from Hasbean came in.
Here you can find their review.

Now mine :
Because 5Kg is too much on a sampler and actually not enough for a proper roast on 'our' 40Kg Gothot we need to throw in the beans while the roaster is warming up for the normal roasts. 10 Kg is fine, but 5 is risky. And so it happens this Cachoeira roasting was a bit too fast/short/light.
In the cupping no problems ; for espresso the acidity was a tad too high to talk about perfect balance.

First our cupping impressions. Body is very nice and welcome. We directly detect good sweet and sour balance with accents of green pea's, butter and lots of nuts, mostly almond. The finish couldn't be cleaner. What an aftertaste!

Then we feeded it to our Anfim Caimano grinder. Espresso of the week was disappointing within the first week after roast, but then it all came together. This is a fantastic espresso bean. Very pleasant all round taste with plenty of details. The first omni present acidity is nicely mixed in with the warmer hints and sweetness and goes over in sublime aftertaste.
For our lungo's we take double portafilter, with a very low dosed espresso ground, approximately 13 grams. Then we brew a 15cl cup in 25 seconds.
Beautiful crema and plenty of detail and fruit.

All together better on larger coffee's, filter and press, but with some patience you can savour an excellent Brazilian espresso. Highly recommanded and again proof this Minas Gerais region is delivering more and more beans that are a blessing for our kind of business.

(Thanks Jeff for the sponsoring)

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